Checklists, Model Forms and Mindmaps

This folder contains check lists, model forms and mindmaps that will help you and your establishment plan and deliver effective outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside the classroom.


 |  3.3a EVC check list
Role: evc
 |  3.3b Head or Manager Check List
Role: head/manager
 |  3.3c Management Board and Governor Check List
Role: governors
 |  3.3d Parent and Guardian Check List
Role: parents
 |  3.3e Visit Leader Check List
Role: visit leader
 |  3.3f Young People Check List
Role: parents

Model Forms

 |  5.1a Establishment Self Evaluation form
 |  8b English Home Form Exchange Visits
 |  8e French Home Form Exchange visits
 |  8f German Home Form Exchange Visits
 |  8g Italian Home Exchange Form
 |  8l Spanish Home Form Exchange Visits
 |  8i Model Code of Conduct
 |  8p Provider Questionnaire
 |  4.1d / 8.1d Visit Leader Emergency Action Card
Role: assistant leader, Outdoor Education Adviser, visit leader
 |  4.1e / 8.1e First Contact Emergency Action Card
Role: head/manager, Outdoor Education Adviser
 |  4.1f / 8.1f Establishment Management Emergency Action Card
Role: head/manager, Outdoor Education Adviser
 |  4.1g / 8.1g Employer Senior Manager Critical Incident Action Card
Role: Outdoor Education Adviser


 |  2.5b Range of Potential LOtC Activity Benefits and Learning Outcomes mind map
Role: assistant leader, employer, essential, evc, governors, head/manager, Outdoor Education Adviser, parents, visit leader
 |  4.4e Planning and Negotiating Provider Learning Outcomes Mind map
 |  4.4g Pre visiting an Adventure Activity Provider mind map
 |  5.2a Learning Outcomes Mind Map
 |  5.2c Organising a Residential Visit mind map
 |  7j Mind Map - Geography Outside the Classroom

Training Resources

 |  9a The Radar Introduction