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August 2015
Revised documents and forms
All future amendments to the documents will be recorded on this page.
Below is the August 2015 table of amendments

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Amendments to the site are recorded in three ways:
Minor Amendment
Revised Guidance
New Guidance Document/ Form

Since the last update we have made minor amendments to five documents and added two new documents as follows:

Minor Amendments
There are minor additions or changes to the Overseas Visits (7r), FAQ Adventure Activity (6h), High Quality Outdoor Education Publication (2.4i), Visit or Activity Leader(3.4k), Assessment of Activity and Visit Leader Competence (3.2d).

Revised Guidance

New Documents
Raising Achievement through the Environment (2.4f) (NAFSO research from 2001 no longer readily available elsewhere), and Good Practice – Netherfield School (4.6d)

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