Updated Documents

January 2016
Revised documents and forms

All future amendments to the documents will be recorded on this page.

Below is the January 2016 table of amendments
Click the Table of Amendments below for a record of updates so far.
 The table has hyperlinks to the most recent new and revised documents.

Amendments to the site are recorded in three ways:

Minor Amendment
Revised Guidance
New Guidance Document/ Form

Since the last update we have revised one documents and added four new documents as follows:

Minor Amendments:

Revised Guidance:
Research Supporting Outdoor Learning and LOtC (2.4c)

New Documents:
Good Practice – Farley Nursery School (4.6e)
Learning Away – Final Report (2.4g) – this replaces the Interim Report
High Quality Outdoor Learning Publication (2.4i/5.1b) – this replaces High Quality Outdoor Education
Drinking, Drugs and Smoking (7p)

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