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February 2015
Revised documents and forms
All future amendments to the documents will be recorded on this page.
Below is the February 2015 table of amendments

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Amendments to the site are recorded in three ways:
Minor Amendment
Revised Guidance
New Guidance Document/ Form

Since the last update there are minor amendments to three documents, six revised , deleted one and and created three new documents as follows:

Minor Amendments
There are minor additions or changes to the Glossary and definitions (1a) (in terms of defining ‘Parent’) and to one of the FAQ responses (6c).

Revised Guidance
Consent (4.3d) amended to be clearer about when consent is not required, and removing information on gathering participant information to create a new 4.4j (see below)
Guidance for Parents (3.4n) in line with 4.3d.
Exchanges and Home stays (7f) following the publication of the DfE statutory guidance and its supplement. Vetting and DBS checks amended accordingly (3.2g)
Visit Leader Checklist (3.3e) aligned with SAGED variables, making it more user friendly as a planning or review checklist.
The EVC Checklist reformatted with minor changes (3.3a).
Overseas visits guidance (7r).

New Documents
Following a request from an OEAP member  – a new document on seat belts and child restraints (4.5d)
An Italian translation to the suite of home stay forms (8g).
Gathering participant information (4.4j)

One deleted document (8d) as we do not believe NG is the appropriate place for generic risk assessments.”


Table of Amendments (date order) 23 February 2015