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February 2016

Revised documents and forms
All future amendments to the documents will be recorded on this page.
Below is the February 2016 table of amendments

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Amendments to the site are recorded in three ways:

Minor Amendment
Revised Guidance
New Guidance Document/ Form

Since the last update we have made minor amendments to eleven documents, revised fourteen documents and added five new documents as follows:

Minor Amendments:
Requirements and recommendations for establishments (3.1b)
Visit Leader Checklist (3.3e)
Outdoor Education Adviser (3.4d)
Manager of an Outdoor Education Facility (3.4i)
Visit or Activity Leader (3.4k)
Risk Management – an overview (4.3c)
Risk Management – Some practical advice (4.3f)
Risk Management – what to record and how (4.3g)
FAQ: Adventure activity qualifications (6h)
Overseas visits (7r)
The Radar (9a)

Revised Guidance:
Requirements and recommendations for employers (3.1a)
Monitoring (3.2b)
Approval of Leaders (3.2d)
Director of Children’s Services (3.4a)
Lead Member for Children’s Services (3.4b)
Outdoor Education Adviser Line manager (3.4c)
Teacher Adviser and Health and Safety Coordinator (3.4e)
Group management and supervision (4.2a)
Good practice basics (4.3a)
Ratios and effective supervision (4.3b)
Planning basics (5.2b)
Writing policies to reduce bureaucracy (5.3a)
How to write an establishment visit policy (5.3b)
FAQ: Ratios for visits (6b)

New Documents:
Foundations (1b)
Hiring a Coach (4.5e)
Plus amendable (word format) versions of three emergency action cards (4.1l/8.1l; 4.1m/8.1m; 4.1n/8.1n)

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