The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) provides guidance, activities, training and support for outdoor learning and educational visits.

About the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel

The OEAP is the lead body for guidance, advice and training related to outdoor learning and educational visits in England and Wales. There are currently around 120 members and the panel supports them in their work with schools and services to children and young people.

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National Guidance has been developed by the OEAP to help you organise high quality outdoor learning, adventurous activities and educational visits including residential and overseas visits.

It is designed to support safe high-quality learning experiences for young people, and is enabling rather than restrictive.

It is relevant to schools, colleges, youth services and other formal and informal settings, in the public, private, voluntary and charitable sectors.

It covers provision across England and Wales, but much of it is applicable elsewhere.

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The OEAP leads in the delivery of high quality Educational and Offsite Visits training for schools and other youth and educational establishments both in the UK and around the world.

OEAP Members can provide you with up to date, focused and relevant training to ensure that your staff are working to the very highest standards. This reputation for excellence has been built up over many years and during this time the OEAP have developed a range of training courses and materials.

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OEAP advisers in Welsh Local Authority areas

OEAP members are advisers who support Local Authorities, schools and Academy Groups in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and many overseas settings.

OEAP advisers work together to share and develop good practice in Offsite Visits, Outdoor Learning and Learning Outside the Classroom.

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