Essential reading for anyone involved in outdoor education

Essential reading for anyone involved in outdoor education

Guidance that is particularly useful for those about to embark on learning outside the classroom activities for the first time

There is a very diverse range of people who make valuable and essential contributions to outdoor education activities. From parents and careers, to employers and advisers, local education officers and school governors, to heads and managers.

One thing they all have in common is that they had to start somewhere. And OEAP National Guidance provides the perfect no-nonsense introduction to these sometimes adventurous activities.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) produces National Guidance, which provides comprehensive support for the management of high-quality outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities.

Your introduction to outdoor education guidance

There are three specific documents that provide that all-important introduction. They are:-

All the turns of phrase and terminology that you’re likely to encounter.

This document explains the OEAP National Guidance starting points for the planning and management of outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside the classroom.

National Guidance has been written to be consistent with the law and with current good practice. If there is any conflict or inconsistency, the following priorities should be followed, in this order:

  1. Obey the law.
  2. Fulfil the requirements of your employer.
  3. Work within good practice expectations as set out by professional organisations and national governing bodies.
  4. Follow National Guidance.

Guidance for your future role – your onward journey

When you are further into your outdoor education journey, more comprehensive and role-specific help is available in the following categories:

There are also links to many other supporting OEAP National Guidance documents.

An introduction to OEAP National Guidance »

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