Learning outside the classroom – requirements and recommendations for employers

Learning outside the classroom – requirements and recommendations for employers

Essential guidance for those in senior positions

3.1a Requirements and Recommendations for Employers is a National Guidance document that will specifically benefit people in senior or controlling positions in organisations that employ staff who provide outdoor learning and off-site visits.

This article is a follow up from the recently released An employer’s introduction to learning outside the classroom guidance.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) produces National Guidance, which provides comprehensive support for the management of high-quality outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities.

Types of relevant role:

  • Chief Executive
  • Chair
  • Company Secretary
  • Director
  • Councillor
  • Trustee
  • Governor
  • Proprietor
  • Owner

Types of relevant organisation:

  • Local authorities
  • Academies and multi-academy trusts
  • Voluntary-aided and foundation schools
  • Independent schools
  • Charities
  • Companies.

This particular document is an important signpost to a significant number of other elements of OEAP NG best practice and advice.
Guidance and training for example, are deemed as being highly important.

“Employers must ensure that their employees are provided with appropriate guidance. This can be done by formally adopting OEAP National Guidance as part of a policy for outdoor learning and off-site visits which also includes details of any specific local requirements.
“Training must be provided to support the guidance, and to ensure that it is understood.”

Categories covered in this guidance include

  • Leadership and Management
  • Legal Requirements
  • Provision of Guidance, Training and Access to Advice
  • Role-Specific Requirements and Recommendations
  • Outdoor Education Adviser
  • Notification and Approval
  • Other Issues
    • Emergency Planning and Critical Incident Support
    • Monitoring
    • Approval of Leaders
  • Further Guidance

In all cases, if an establishment is unclear about whether their employer requires notification or approval for a particular visit, they should consult their Outdoor Education Adviser.

The download also contains direct links a variety of other supporting OEAP National Guidance documents.

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