Group safety at water margins

We have decided it was time to replace the 2001 DfES/CCPR document Group Safety at Water Margins, which we had added to National Guidance in 2014.  Although the content of the original document remains current, many of its links are out of date.

We have therefore created a revised document 7i Group safety at water margins, which updates the previous document.  It covers activities that might take place near or in water – such as a walk along a river bank or seashore, collecting samples from ponds and streams, or paddling or walking in gentle, shallow water.

It does not cover swimming and other activities that require water safety or rescue qualifications and equipment or water-going craft.  Leaders planning for young people to enter the water should also read document 7o Natural water bathing elsewhere in this guidance.

You can download the new document here.

Specialist activities and visits