Visits and the threat from terrorism – updated 18th September 2017

Following an explosion on a London underground train at Parsons Green station on Friday 15th September, the Government raised the threat level within the UK to “critical”.  It has now been lowered to “severe”.  In its advice to the public, the Government explains that:
‘Threat levels in themselves do not require specific responses from the public.….Sharing national threat levels with the general public keeps everyone informed. It explains the context for the various security measures which we may encounter in our daily lives.’

As an outcome, the Prime Minister said that we will see more armed police providing extra reassurance and protection. The Metropolitan Police’s Assistant Commissioner has explained that we should remain “vigilant” but said that people “should not be alarmed”.

Unless the Government or your Local Authority Outdoor Adviser directs otherwise, consider every visit as you would normally, deciding what to do about each event on its merit.  OEAP has created guidance on planning visits when there is a threat from terrorism – 6k FAQs: Visits and the threat from terrorism.  You can download the guidance here.

As part of your planning, you will be taking into account the natural anxiety of parents, teachers and pupils. If making a decision to postpone or cancel, talk to your provider and insurer and understand the implications for recovery of costs.

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