About National Guidance

Well-planned and facilitated opportunities to learn in the real world, away from the classroom, and to experience adventure, help to improve the lives of young people. National Guidance aims to make these opportunities easier to plan and deliver.

Adopting National Guidance removes the need for each employer or establishment to write and maintain their own comprehensive guidance and gives users easy access to regularly updated and nationally recognised guidance.

National Guidance is inclusive of the full range of provision for young people, including by schools, youth services, other formal and informal settings, and provision in the public, private, voluntary and charitable sectors. It covers provision across England and Wales. For the statement by the Welsh Government, please follow this link.   If you are based in Scotland, please follow this link to the relevant guidance documents – Scotland. Please also refer to your employer’s guidance and policy.

National Guidance is continually improved and updated to reflect the developing understanding of good practice. It is therefore an online resource and is not intended to be printed as a static ‘manual’.

National Guidance is a free resource and is openly available for use. However, it is written and published by the OEAP and its contents are the intellectual property of OEAP. You may refer to any of the content in your own publications, at your own risk, but OEAP expects that you will acknowledge OEAP National Guidance as the source, and make clear that the guidance is freely available at www.oeapng.info.

Without financial support OEAP would be unable to continue the production and updating of National Guidance and so we ask that any organisation that makes regular use of National Guidance for commercial gain should consider making a contribution towards the production costs of National Guidance.

You are welcome to create links to the website or any page of the website. If you wish to link to a specific document, we recommend that you link to its landing page (via the blue button), as this link will remain correct even when we have updated the document. If you link directly to the downloadable version of the document, the link will break if the document is updated.

Where National Guidance offers advice on legal issues, this is given to the best of our understanding. It is not offered as a definitive legal interpretation and is not a substitute for formal legal advice. If formal advice is required you should consult your own legal counsel.

For a fuller explanation of the underlying principles and philosophy of National Guidance, click here.