Guidance for the management of high-quality outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities

How to use National Guidance

OEAP’s National Guidance comprises a set of documents providing information and guidance.

There are three fundamental documents that will help you to understand National Guidance, and which should be read by all users:

There are three ways to find information on OEAP’s National Guidance website:

  1. Browsing the Contents

The OEAP’s National Guidance documents are organised into eight folders each covering a broad theme. You can scroll down the National Guidance page or select National Guidance Contents in the National Guidance menu, to find links to each folder.

There is also a link to View all documents. This shows all the documents in numerical order, which may be useful if you know the number of the document you are looking for.

  1. Browsing by Role

Some of the documents have been identified as essential reading for different roles. To find the documents that are essential for your role, use:

  • the View roles link on the National Guidance page;
  • or the Guidance for Your Role list on some other pages;
  • or Guidance by Role in the National Guidance menu.
  1. Searching

Use the Search National Guidance function on the National Guidance page to enter the word or phrase you are looking for.  A search will find all guidance documents containing your search term in its title or on its information page.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if the search produces a lot of results, you may need to use an alternative or more specific search term.

The OEAP’s National Guidance is constantly updated to ensure that it reflects current good practice, government guidance and law. You can keep up to date by:

  • reading National Guidance news in the National Guidance menu;
  • checking whether any particular document has been updated by using Updated Documents in the National Guidance menu – this shows documents that were updated in the previous month, and has a table of all updates;
  • following OEAP on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

If you print or save a document for later use, you should check on the website that it has not been superseded. If you wish to create a hyperlink to a particular document, you should link to the document’s information page rather than to the document itself – this will mean that you will always be directed to the latest version of the document.

The information page is the page you see when you use the blue information (i) button by a document’s title on a contents page.

Find the topic that you require in OEAP National Guidance

Sponsors of OEAP National Guidance

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This guidance has been developed by OEAP to help anyone who organises high quality outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities, including residential visits and overseas visits. 

It is designed to support safe high-quality learning experiences for young people, and is enabling rather than restrictive.

It is relevant to schools, colleges, youth services and other formal and informal settings, in the public, private, voluntary and charitable sectors.

It covers provision across England and Wales, but much of it is applicable elsewhere.