OEAP National Guidance – Updated Documents


Each month we amend the OEAP National Guidance Updates page to show how many documents we have added or revised in the previous month.  We include a link to an update table showing brief summaries of each amendment.  The table has been changed this month to include links to each of the new or newly-amended documents.

During May 2021, we created one new guidance document, revised seven guidance documents and made minor amendments to one guidance document.

You can go straight to the table here.


Good practice Model Forms Specialist activities and visits Specific Activities Specific Activities and Hazards Specific Hazards

We have updated OEAP National Guidance documents 4.2b Residentials and 4.4k Coronavirus to refer to updated DfE guidance allowing residential visits to take place from Monday 17th May 2021.

To help schools prepare for residential visits, we have also created a model form 8r Additional Provider Statement for Residentials During Coronavirus.

You can find the new form here.