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We have amended four OEAP National Guidance documents to draw attention to the importance of considering potential allergies when providing catering for young people on educational visits, with specific reference to the new “Natasha’s Law“.

The amended documents are:

3.2a Underpinning Legal Framework and Duty of Care

3.3e Checklist – Visit Leader

4.2b Residentials

6o FAQ: Allergies and Anaphylaxis (which has also been revised and renamed to cover allergies more generally).

Provider Statement

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We have deleted the OEAP National Guidance form 8r “Additional Provider Statement”, and have instead added questions about coronavirus to the forms  8p Provider Statement and 8q Provider Statement – Word Version.

At the same time, we have added additional points about coronavirus to 4.2a Residentials, 4.4f Checklist – Assessing a Provider and 4.4g Selecting External Providers and Facilities.

Overseas Visits

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We have updated OEAP National Guidance document 7r Overseas Visits to give more emphasis to the importance of checking the regulations of the countries to be visited, such as whether or not there is a requirement to be vaccinated against COVID.

We have supplemented this guidance with a new OEAP National Guidance document 3.3g Checklist – Visit Leader of an Overseas Visit –  a new checklist for organising overseas visits.

Provider Statement for Residentials during Coronavirus

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We have added some further questions to OEAP National Guidance document 8r Additional Provider Statement for Residentials during Coronavirus.  These include asking the provider to confirm the maximum number of participants and staff who will share sleeping accommodation, and whether changes from normal accommodation arrangements have affected security or safeguarding.

You can download the revised guidance here.

Leadership & Management

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What does good leadership and management of visits look like?  We were asked that by an outdoor education adviser, and, as a result, we have created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2e Leadership and Management.

We have also created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2f Facilitating Learning and Development, which focuses on the processes that leaders can use to help participants to learn and develop.

This led us to review and revise OEAP National Guidance document 5.1a Establishment Self-Evaluation Form, and provide a Microsoft Word version as 5.1b.  It now gives links to relevant guidance documents, and is aligned with the Headteacher/Manager checklist (document 3.3b).

Learning Outcomes Mind Map

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We have created a new OEAP National Guidance mind map, 8.2a Learning Outcomes Mind Map, based on the information in document 2.1b Learning Outcomes.  It provides a summary of the many areas where outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside the classroom can be particularly effective in achieving educational aims and desired learning outcomes.  It replaces an earlier mindmap that was numbered 5.2a.

You can download the new mind map here.