OEAP National Guidance Updates


Each month we amend the OEAP National Guidance Updates page to show the documents that have been added or revised in the previous month.  We include links to each document and a table showing brief summaries of each amendment.

During February 2021, we created three new guidance documents, revised 7 guidance documents and made minor amendments to two guidance documents.

You can view the updates page here.

National Guidance Contents


Did you know that you can scroll through a list of all of the documents on the National Guidance website?

Just hover your mouse over the contents tab on the black menu bar, and you will see the option “View All Documents”.  Click this to see the full list.

When we add new documents, or revise older documents, they appear immediately in this list, but they may take rather longer to appear in the Google search facility.  So we recommend this as a way to ensure that what you are reading is the latest version.

Exchange Visits and Homestays

Essential Frequently Asked Questions Legal Framework Model Forms Policies Specialist activities and visits

We have updated our guidance about exchange visits and homestays to provide greater clarity about when a DBS check may be required.  This has involved amending documents 3.2a Underpinning Legal Framework, 3.2g Vetting and DBS checks, 7f Exchanges and Homestays and creating a new FAQ 6r Hosting a Homestay.

We have also revised 8a English Homestay form (Word version) and 8b English Homestay Form (PDF version) so that they can be used to collect more of the information needed to make vetting decisions for homestays in the UK.

Local Authority Officer

Essential Roles and responsibilities

You can now browse documents that set out the particular responsibilities of a Local Authority, as well as its responsibilities as an Employer. These documents are aimed at Directors of Children’s Services (and equivalent roles), Heads of Service, and local authority staff who have involvement with children and young people, such as through social services, youth services, education services etc.

See Local Authority Officer, under the Essential Guidance tab.