Local Authority Officer

Essential Roles and responsibilities

You can now browse documents that set out the particular responsibilities of a Local Authority, as well as its responsibilities as an Employer. These documents are aimed at Directors of Children’s Services (and equivalent roles), Heads of Service, and local authority staff who have involvement with children and young people, such as through social services, youth services, education services etc.

See Local Authority Officer, under the Essential Guidance tab.

Parental Consent

Good practice Legal Framework Must Read Planning and Preparation Roles and responsibilities

Did you know that, with the exception of nursery age children, schools are not required to obtain consent from parents for pupils to participate in off-site activities that take place during school hours and which are a normal part of a child’s education, such as local studies and visits to a museum or library etc.?

After a query about this from an Educational Visits Coordinator, we have revisited the National Guidance document 4.3d Parental consent to clarify what the law requires.  You can download the revised document here.

We took the opportunity to separate out our guidance about the collection and dissemination of information about participants.  This guidance is now in a new document 4.4j Participant information.  You can download it here.

There was a knock-on effect to what we say in 3.4n Guidance for Parents, so we have amended that too.  You can download the revised version here.