Provider Statement

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We have made a number of amendments to OEAP National Guidance document 8p Provider Statement, including removing questions about coronavirus, which should now be part of a provider’s risk assessment process, and removing some questions from Part 1 that are covered by the Quality Badge.  There is also a Microsoft Word version 8q Provider Statement – Word Version.

You can find the revised document in PDF form here, and a Microsoft Word form here.

Provider Statement

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We have deleted the OEAP National Guidance form 8r “Additional Provider Statement”, and have instead added questions about coronavirus to the forms  8p Provider Statement and 8q Provider Statement – Word Version.

At the same time, we have added additional points about coronavirus to 4.2a Residentials, 4.4f Checklist – Assessing a Provider and 4.4g Selecting External Providers and Facilities.

Provider Statement for Residentials during Coronavirus

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We have added some further questions to OEAP National Guidance document 8r Additional Provider Statement for Residentials during Coronavirus.  These include asking the provider to confirm the maximum number of participants and staff who will share sleeping accommodation, and whether changes from normal accommodation arrangements have affected security or safeguarding.

You can download the revised guidance here.

Leadership & Management

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What does good leadership and management of visits look like?  We were asked that by an outdoor education adviser, and, as a result, we have created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2e Leadership and Management.

We have also created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2f Facilitating Learning and Development, which focuses on the processes that leaders can use to help participants to learn and develop.

This led us to review and revise OEAP National Guidance document 5.1a Establishment Self-Evaluation Form, and provide a Microsoft Word version as 5.1b.  It now gives links to relevant guidance documents, and is aligned with the Headteacher/Manager checklist (document 3.3b).

Model forms – Fill-And-Sign and Word versions

Model Forms

We have received feedback that the fill-and-sign PDF versions of the model forms: 8b English Homestay Information Form and 8p Provider Statement cannot be saved once filled in if you are using an un-updated version of Windows 7 or earlier.

We have therefore created Microsoft Word versions of both documents: 8a English Homestay Information Form – Word Version and 8q Provider Statement – Word Version.

New Guidance from the Department for Education

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The Department for Education (DfE) has revised its guidance “Health & Safety on Educational Visits“.  You can view the guidance here.

The guidance provides a summary of eight key points for organising educational visits, and refers the reader to OEAP’s National Guidance, which provides greater detail on each of these points.  To read the more detailed guidance, follow the links below:

  1. The 2 main types of trips:  4.3c Risk management – an overview  |  1b Foundations  |   5.2b Planning Basics for Outdoor Learning, Off Site Visits and Learning Outside the Classroom | 4.3f Risk  management – some practical advice
  2. When to get consent from parents:  4.3d Parental Consent
  3. Using outside organisations:  4.4h Using external providers and facilities  |  4.4f Assessing an adventure activity provider check list
  4. Adventure activities: caving, climbing, trekking, and watersports:  3.2f AALA Licensing  |  4.4f Assessing an adventure activity provider check list7a Adventure activities  |  3.2d / 4.4a Approval of Leaders  | 7o Natural Water Bathing  | 7x Swimming Pools
  5. Trips abroad:  7q Overseas expeditions |  7r Overseas visits
  6. Knowing what to do in an emergency:  4.1h Avoiding Accidents and Emergencies  |  4.1i Emergencies and Critical Incidents – An Overview   |  4.1k Visit Leader Emergency Checklist | 4.1j Off-Site Visit Emergencies: The Role of School Governors  |  4.1l / 8.1l Visit Leader Emergency Action Card – amendable version
  7. Evaluating trips:  6d FAQs: Retention of Documents  | 5.1a Establishment Self Evaluation Form  | 5.1c Learning outside and off-site visits: self evaluation using the Ofsted framework
  8. Educational visits coordinators:  3.4j Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC)  |  3.3a EVC check list

Exchange Visits and Homestays

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We have updated our guidance about exchange visits and homestays to provide greater clarity about when a DBS check may be required.  This has involved amending documents 3.2a Underpinning Legal Framework, 3.2g Vetting and DBS checks, 7f Exchanges and Homestays and creating a new FAQ 6r Hosting a Homestay.

We have also revised 8a English Homestay form (Word version) and 8b English Homestay Form (PDF version) so that they can be used to collect more of the information needed to make vetting decisions for homestays in the UK.