Using evidence of the impact of outdoor learning for Ofsted inspections

Evaluation and reviewing Legal Framework Policies planning and evaluation Roles and responsibilities

Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook includes a clarification for schools, which states that they do not want schools preparing things that are solely for inspection purposes, including the way that they review aspects of their performance. They want to see schools doing what is best for their pupils, and assessing it against the core areas set out in legislation.

Accordingly, we have created three new documents aimed at helping inspectors and schools to make the best use of the evidence provided by a school’s outdoor learning and off-site visits during the Ofsted inspection process:

5.1d Ofsted Inspection is intended for self-evaluation.  It provides examples of questions which may help you to consider and assess the contribution of Learning Outside towards school improvement and overall effectiveness.

3.4p Ofsted Inspector – Towards inspection of Teaching and Learning Outside sets out some aspects that inspectors may choose to explore when a school believes that teaching and Learning Outside makes a positive difference to outcomes for children and young people.

5.1e Ofsted Inspector – Suggested reading includes a list that provides the context of Learning Outside in the local learning area with examples explaining some of the benefits for children and young people.

These new documents supersede the document 2.4a Ofsted and LOtC Summary, which has therefore been withdrawn.