OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards

Learning Outside the Classroom Specialist activities and visits

Schools and nurseries that are open for vulnerable children and children of priority workers can help to keep the coronavirus at bay by teaching outside as much as possible.  The OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards are designed to give you lots of ideas for delivering the curriculum outside the classroom.

You can find out more by reading the newly-updated OEAP National Guidance document 7.3a Using OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards.

Making the Case

Examples of Good Practice Learning Outside the Classroom Making the case Manifesto for LOtC National Curriculum Outcomes for Children and Young People Research and reports Supporting Documents

We have updated the documents in Section 2 of National Guidance, which makes the case for outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside the classroom.   As well as updating existing documents, we have added several additional research reports.

For more information, see the National Guidance Updated Documents page.


Adapting to Covid-19 through Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom Specialist activities and visits

OEAP has created three new guidance documents aimed at helping you to use learning outside the classroom to manage and adapt to the current Covid-19 situation, while building strong foundations for improving school outcomes.

The documents are 7.3b OEAP (2020): How to Take Your Learning Outside the Classroom, 7.3c OEAP (2020): Learning Outside the Classroom – Activity Cards and 7.3d OEAP (2020): Taking Learning Outside the Classroom – Adapting Activities.