OEAP worked with QES in designing eVisitDesigned to support and encourage safe planning of educational visits

OEAP worked with QES in designing eVisit and drew upon their wealth of knowledge and experience, resulting in a tool which is simple and intuitive.  The system follows and is directly linked to National Guidance offering users added support when planning visits.

What  users have said about eVisit:

“Intuitive and easy to use, drastically reduced time taken to create a visits”

“As an EVC of multiple establishments, having a single user log in for multiple roles and establishments has simplified things for me hugely”

“Being able to clone visits that happen annually saves everyone time”

“The document library means that we can store and access information directly on eVisit  and makes it all readily available“

“The direct link to NG has definitely increased user confidence”

“The repeat visit capability is simple to use and ensures events are diarised well in advance”.

Did you know eVisit:

  • Works across a range of employers and establishments including LA’s, Academies, Trusts and Youth Groups.
  • Has a one page visit form.
  • Includes a localisable approval process
  • Comes with integral messaging with external email notifications
  • Includes sophisticated reporting module.

For further information or to see eVisit, please contact Rebecca Thomson by email.