External Providers and Facilities

Good practice Planning and Preparation

National Guidance document 4.4h Using External Providers and Facilities had become unwieldy as a result of covering such a wide ground.  We have therefore split it into a new document 4.4g Selecting External Providers and Facilities, covering the selection process, and a revised document 4.4h Using External Providers covering monitoring and the respective roles of establishment and provider staff.  As a result we have also made a minor amendment to 4.4f Assessing a Provider Checklist.

You can find all three documents in the Good Practice Section (section 4) of the National Guidance website.

Overseas Visits

Specialist activities and visits

We have amended document 7r Overseas Visits.

The sections on Passports and Visas and Health have been updated, partly to include information about possible changes following Brexit.  The section on Parental Consent has also been revised, and addresses the fact that visit leaders have occasionally been asked to provide evidence of consent from all those with parental responsibility for some children when crossing borders.

You can download the revised document here.


Assessing a Coach Hire Provider

Checklists Checklists Model Forms and Mindmaps Good practice Transport

Choosing one coach company from another may seem a difficult task if you have no specialist transport knowledge. However, there are are ways to provide some assurance of suitability, and we have created a new checklist: 4.5f Checklist – Assessing a Coach Hire Provider to help you.

You can download the new checklist here.

We have also made minor amendments to the existing guidance document 4.5e Hiring a Coach.

Unaccompanied Expeditions

Specialist activities and visits

We have created a new National Guidance document 7k Unaccompanied Expeditions.  This brings together all information about unaccompanied expeditions into one place, and has enabled us to reduce the previously rather lengthy document 7b Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions so that the latter is now specifically about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

You can find both documents in the Specialist Activities and Visits section of the National Guidance website.