Leadership & Management

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What does good leadership and management of visits look like?  We were asked that by an outdoor education adviser, and, as a result, we have created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2e Leadership and Management.

We have also created a new OEAP National Guidance document 4.2f Facilitating Learning and Development, which focuses on the processes that leaders can use to help participants to learn and develop.

This led us to review and revise OEAP National Guidance document 5.1a Establishment Self-Evaluation Form, and provide a Microsoft Word version as 5.1b.  It now gives links to relevant guidance documents, and is aligned with the Headteacher/Manager checklist (document 3.3b).

Adventure Activities

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We have updated OEAP’s National Guidance document 7a Adventure Activities to bring it in line with other more-recently revised documents, to include a fuller definition of adventure activities and to create links to other relevant documents.

Alongside this we have also updated OEAP’s National Guidance document 1a Glossary and Definitions to include the adventure activities definition.

You can download 7a here.

How Can Outdoor Learning Contribute to Mental Health?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a new document 6v FAQs: Mental Health, which considers how outdoor learning can contribute to mental health and refers to the growing body of evidence that well-managed outdoor learning and adventure activities can be powerful ways of helping children and young people to develop their emotional and psychological wellbeing, mental resilience and happiness.

You can download the new FAQ here.



Good practice Planning and Preparation Specialist activities and visits Specific Hazards
We have updated OEAP National Guidance document 4.4k Coronavirus to provide a summary of the indicative dates for the resumption of educational visits in England.
Other changes include:
– a full revision of the section on Managing the Financial Risks;
– a link to the revised “Get Outside” publication in the section on Planning and Managing Outdoor Learning;
– a new section on Resuming Visits and Activities.
You can download the revised guidance here.

OEAP National Guidance Updates


Each month we amend the OEAP National Guidance Updates page to show the documents that have been added or revised in the previous month.  We include links to each document and a table showing brief summaries of each amendment.

During February 2021, we created three new guidance documents, revised 7 guidance documents and made minor amendments to two guidance documents.

You can view the updates page here.