Using OEAP’s National Guidance

If this is your first visit to OEAP’s National Guidance, please use this page to help you to understand the guidance and the way the website works.

OEAP’s National Guidance comprises a set of documents providing information and guidance about outdoor learning and off-site visits for schools, colleges, youth settings, and other establishments, and for their employers.

There are three fundamental documents that will help you to understand National Guidance, and which should be read by all users:

1a “Glossary and Definitions”
1b “Foundations”
1c “Status, Remit and Rationale”

Finding Your Way Around

There are three ways to find information on OEAP’s National Guidance website:

  1. Browsing the Contents – National Guidance documents are organised into eight folders.  You can use the Browse Documents button on the Home page, or Contents in the menu, to find links to all the documents on the site.
  2. Browsing by Role – some of the documents have been identified as essential reading for different roles.  To find the documents that are essential for your role, use:
    – the Browse by Role button on the Home page;
    – or the Guidance for Your Role list on some other pages;
    – or Essential Guidance in the menu.
  3. Searching – Use the Search National Guidance function to enter the word or phrase you are looking for.  A search will find all guidance documents containing your search term in its title or on its information page.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if the search produces a lot of results, you may need to use an alternative or more specific search term.

Learning About Your Role

To learn about your own responsibilities, a good starting point is the document in the following list that most closely fits your role:

3.4a Director of Children’s Services
3.4b Lead Member for Children’s Services
3.4c Outdoor Education Adviser Line Manager
3.4d Outdoor Education Adviser
3.4e LA Teacher Adviser / Health and Safety Coordinator
3.4f Member of a Management Board or Governing Body
3.4g Head Teacher/Manager
3.4i Manager of an Outdoor Learning Centre or Facility
3.4j Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC)
3.4k Visit or Activity Leader
3.4l Assistant Leader
3.4m Helper
3.4n Guidance for Parents
3.4o Volunteers

Keeping Up to Date

National Guidance is constantly updated to ensure that it reflects current good practice, government guidance and law.  You can keep up to date by:

  • reading about updates in News in the menu;
  • checking whether any particular document has been updated by using Updates in the menu – this shows documents that were updated in the previous month, and has a table of all updates;
  • following OEAP on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin

If you print or save a document for later use, you should check on the website that it has not been superseded.  If you wish to create a hyperlink to a particular document, you should link to the document’s information page rather than to the document itself – this will mean that you will always be directed to the latest version of the document.

The information page is the page you see when you use the blue information button by a document’s title on a contents page.

Further Advice and Guidance

If you need further guidance, or advice on implementing or interpreting National Guidance in your situation, you should consult your establishment’s Educational Visits Coordinator or your employer’s Outdoor Education Adviser.  To find an adviser you can use Find an OEAP Adviser in the National Guidance menu.