Adventure activity supervision – an appropriate qualifications guide

Adventure activity supervision – an appropriate qualifications guide

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The leading or advising competence verification process

Recently updated, the OEAP National Guidance document 6h FAQ: Adventure Activity Qualifications now includes links to a range of National Governing Body guidance.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) produces National Guidance, which provides comprehensive support for the management of high-quality outdoor learning, educational visits and adventurous activities.

The changes make this particular document an ideal point of reference for anyone in the early stages of planning for activities including cycling, mountain training and canoeing.

In short, it deals with the qualifications that are appropriate for leading or advising on adventure activity.

The importance of the verification process

Anyone leading an adventure activity should have their competence confirmed by a robust verification process, such as:

  • holding a leadership/coaching award at an appropriate level;
  • being ‘signed off’ by a suitably qualified technical adviser appointed by the employer, based upon relevant qualifications, training and/or experience.

Awarding bodies referred to in the guidance include:-

  • British Cycling
  • The British Caving Association
  • British Canoeing
  • The Countryside Leader Award
  • Sports Leaders
  • Mountain Training.

The download also contains direct links a variety of other supporting OEAP National Guidance documents.

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